Budget and Transparency Reporting

In our continuing efforts to communicate with the public and to fulfill the new requirements of the Michigan Legislature we have developed the following document with information concerning the finances of the school district. If you have any questions concerning the information contained in this document please email us.                        
Employees over $100,000                                         
Superintendent of Schools Salary:
FICA:                                                                                                  $9,503.60
Health Insurance:                                                        $24,314.16
Life Insurance:                                                             $672.50
Dental, Vision, Ltd, Life
Car Allowance:


For 2017-2018 the District does NOT have a deficit elimination plan to report.
For 2017-2018 the District does not have Travel Information to report.

Michigan MI School Data

 Purchasing Policy - Neola 6320
 Travel and Reimbursement Policy - Neola 6550
Educator Evaluation Postings and Assurances
School Transparency Dashboard    


    Dundee Community Schools District Credit Card Information:          
 Card Type Credit Limit  Authorized User  User's Limit  Last 4 Digits 
 Visa $5,000 Jennifer Wilson $5,000 3421
 Visa $5,000 Technology Director $5,000 5973
 Visa $5,000 David Todd $5,000  

Transparency Reporting Documents

The Board policies relating to Employee Reimbursement and Purchasing can be found here under sections 3440 and 6320 respectively.

Health Care Plans:  

Dundee Education Association (Teachers and Secretaries)

Administration (Exempt Employees)


BCBS - Deductible In - $500/$1000
OV/UC/ER Copay: $30/$30/$150

OV/UC/ER Copay: $0/$10/$25

Prescription (Rx) Tiered Rx Drug Copay: $20/$60/$80 Tiered Rx Drug Copay: $20/$60/$80
Dental Delta - Class 1 50%, Class 2 50%, Class 3 50% SET SEG
Life $20,000 coverage $20,000 coverage
Vision VSP 1 SET SEG
L/T Disability MESSA SET SEG



20% 20%


Health Care Information
 Lobbying Costs 2017-2018:
 School Equity Caucus
Association Dues:  
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 2014-2015 Click for PDF
 2013-2014 Click for PDF