Riverside Academy

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Mission Statement: Riverside Academy’s mission is to empower students to recognize and optimize their full potential.

Director: Tom Walentowski
DUNDEE, MI. 48140

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Areas of Focus

  • Building Relationships
  • Life Skills/Advisory
  • Post- Secondary Initiative
  • Encourage Application to a Post-Secondary Program
  • Trimesters
  • Able to build credit recovery into the normal school day.
  • Sustained Silent Reading and writing program
  • Social Service Networking


Riverside Academy Graduation Requirements

  1. 4 Credits in math including Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry and one math credit in final year of high school
  2. 4 credits in English
  3. 3 credits in Science including Biology, Physics, Chemistry and one addition credit in science
  4. 3 credits in Social Studies including .5 credit in Civics and a .5 credit in Economics, 1 credit in American History, and 1 credit in World History and Geography
  5. 1 credit in Physical Education and Health
  6. 1 credit in Visual, Performing and Applied Arts
  7. Online learning experience (20 hrs.)
  8. 2 credits Language other than English

 Total number of credits to graduate 19

Core class requirements as defined by the Michigan Merit Curriculum graduation requirement

All seniors must complete a 2 hr. community service project

Seniors must get accepted to a post-secondary program

Annual Education Report 2016