Welcome to the Technology Department!

We are committed to providing the best and most current technology to our Staff and Students. Thanks to a County-Wide Technology Millage, we have a range of devices from traditional desktops to mobile devices such as iPads and Chromebooks and can provide students with access to a wide set of programs and websites that enhance learning and comprehension, that by graduation time, prepare them for real world applications. Stay tuned to this page for further information on all of our exciting technology projects.

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Important Information

Classroom Technology


The District owns over 1000 Acer and Asus Chromebooks. These are used throughout the district starting in 2nd Grade through 12th Grade. 


The District also owns over 300 iPads, iPad Airs, and iPad Minis.  These devices are used primarily in the lower grades of the elementary with a current student to iPad ratio of 2:1.  Teachers are also issued iPads for the use of apps that assist with classroom instruction. With an iPad a teacher may control their PC from anywhere in the room allowing for a more flexible teaching style.  The iPad can also assist in grading homework and tests.


Each classroom has access to a digital projector connected to the teacher's computer.  Teachers are able to show videos, project lessons, provide notes and study material without printing.  The projectors help to provide access to materials that would otherwise be unavailable in the classroom.


Smart Technologies Smartboards are present in most Elementary and Middle School classrooms, as well as several at the High School.  These boards allow teachers to step away from their computer and instruct from the front of the class.  A Smartboard is a large touchboard with which you are able to manipulate a computer.  Teachers can touch the board and use it as if it were a mouse. 

Google Apps for Education

We are a Google Apps for Education school.  Our teachers and students all have access to the many resources Google offers as free services.  Google Classroom, in concert with our student's Google accounts, allows teachers to assign homework and grade it without printing.  Not only does it speed up the flow of the classroom, it provides great benefits to the overall printing and paper costs. Google also provides each student with a Google Drive.  Students may save to this drive and access it anywhere they have an internet connection.  Google Classroom works in tandem with our Chromebooks.


Teachers have available to them various types of document cameras.  These devices allow a teacher to project a document through the camera, thus avoiding the need for handouts.  They are an excellent first step in helping to reduce paper waste.  Also it allows them to project anything under the camera; it is not just limited to paper and writing.

Surround Sound and Microphones

Most elementary classrooms equipped with a classroom surround sound microphone system.  Teachers are issued a microphone that hangs around their neck.  This is an invaluable tool in an Elementary classroom where noise can be an issue.  These systems also allow the computers to broadcast their sound and movies and videos can be played with surround sound on the projector, thus turning each classroom into a small theater.

Technology Office

RJ Seiler
Director of Technology
734-529-2350 x11006
Rachel Richardson
Technology Coordinator
734-529-2350 x11005