Education Equity at Dundee

Dundee Community Schools is committed to meeting the needs of all students. In order to meet this goal, a new committee has formed to work toward listening, hearing, acting, educating and advocating for equality for all. This committee is open to any students, parents or staff members who wish to participate in this endeavor. Please contact Edward Manuszak, Superintendent, for more information on how you can ensure a safe environment for all students of Dundee Schools. 



2021 Board, District and Superintendent Goals

DCS Anti-Racism Statement  

"Dundee Community Schools and the Board of Education believes that racism is wrong and strongly condemns racism in any and all its forms.

As an educational institution, we make this statement to further support our existing policy on illegal discrimination and our values of celebrating diversity and inclusion, equity, and respect. The Board believes that any form of discrimination is inconsistent with a supportive environment, and as such, will continue to work toward listening, hearing, acting, educating, and advocating for equality for all. Please see the following Board Policies that support this statement (1422, 1623, 2260, 3122, 3121, 5517)."